June 18, 2020

The Math App

The aim of „The Math App“ is to improve pupils’ mathematical skills by solving tasks with different levels of difficulty and earning points for each correct answer. The app is an easy-to-use math practice tool for pupils aged 10-13, who are in elementary/basic school (grades 5-6).

It consists 79 exercises under different mathematical areas:

  • Geometry
  • Numbers and Calculations
  • Equations and inequalities
  • Measures and Measurements
  • Functions

The exercises in each area are divided into topics, e.g. Geometry: perimeter, area, volume, angles. There is no particular order in which the exercises should be performed, both teachers and pupils are free to choose any exercise from the list which suits their teaching/learning needs and purposes best according to the area of focus. „The Math App“ is based on problem-solving, real-life situations from the learners‘ daily life, and have some microlearning and gamification elements.

„The Math App“ is a great way how to make Math lessons more attractive, interesting, also, to strenghten pupils‘ cognitive skills and boost their motivation to reach better results in this subject.

Please find „The Math App“ on the Google Play:


The E-Guide provides you with a detailed instructions on how to use „The Math App“