June 18, 2020


Eureka – the Joy of Discovery! The aim of „The Eureka App” is to promote pupils’ creative and critical thinking in Mathematics. The app is devised for pupils aged 10-13, who are in elementary/basic school (grades 5-6).

The Eureka App is easy to use, playful and practical, with some microlearning and gamification elements and it contains the exercises based on real life situations where Math is integrated with other STEAM subjects: Science, Technologies, Engineering, and Arts. In total the App contains 29 exercises. The topics of the exercises are varied, e.g. how to plan a trip, how to calculate the amount of water needed per day, or how to calculate a scale. There is no need to solve tasks in succession; the name of the task or the picture next to it will help you choose the right topic.

Please find „The Eureka App“ on the Google Play:


The E-Guide provides you with a detailed instructions on how to use „The Eureka App“.