August 21, 2019

Success stories

“The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other.
Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives“
(Robert John Meehan)

The words of the famous American educator highlight the value of spreading teachers’ professional experience as the most effective source of learning. By sharing each other’s best practices, teachers continue to learn from each other; developing professionally they look for and create new and attractive teaching strategies.

The project partnership has developed 25 success stories, both video and written. They draw on the personal experience of teachers, who, working with diverse groups of pupils, having different abilities and needs, many of whom come from different economic, religious, and socio-cultural backgrounds, are able to achieve excellent learning outcomes in mathematics and other STEAM subjects.

In their success stories teachers reveal how, with the help of modern teaching tools, they are able to create a motivational learning environment which boosts pupils’ critical thinking and creativity. These success stories provide both teachers of mathematics and other STEAM subjects with valuable advice and useful tips on how to improve pupils’ academic results and turn the math lesson into an exciting journey through the world of numbers.