April 5, 2019

E-toolbox for teaching math

The following E-Directory is compiled to meet the needs of math teachers who work with 5-6 grade students (aged 10-13). The E-Directory consists of 2 parts: the E-Directory of Existing Mobile Apps for Teaching Math and the newly-developed Math App.

E-Directory of existing mobile apps for teaching math

The E-Directory presents 67 apps which will enable math teachers to differentiate and individualize the teaching/learning process according to the students‘ interests and achievements. With the help of mobile apps the traditional math lesson will be varied with innovative, student friendly and playful learning tools.Teachers are free to choose any mobile app from the list which suits his teaching needs best according to the area of focus: The mobile apps are classified according to the area of focus:

NB: All mobile apps contain a short description: the contents, learning styles according to the Bloom’s taxonomy and students’ abilities to be strengthened.

The Math App